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Comfort Cooling

The constant increase of Technology in modern offices can often lead to uncomfortable working conditions as excess heat from the machinery quickly raises the room temperature uncontrollably. When this is combined with the need for a bright working environment provided by large glass clad walls, built to exacting modern standards of insulation, temperatures can quickly rise to unbearable levels.

Navajo can quickly provide a cost effective solution to provide your employees with a comfortable working environment, reducing stress, sickness and fatigue. A temperature controlled workplace can also help reduce your electrical consumption as your electrical equipment benefits from working at optimum performance free from the risk of overheating. Small offices and workplaces can be easily controlled with a small "split" type Air Conditioning system whilst larger areas can benefit from the phenominal flexibility of a VRV/VRF system.

VRV/VRF Systems

Modern Air Conditioning does not simply cool your workplace by throwing all of the heat out to atmosphere. A well designed Air Conditioning system can remove excess heat from one area to supply "free" heat to another. During those times of the year when the ambient temperature varies from day to day indeed from hour to hour a VRV/VRF system can move heat to where it is needed quickly and efficiently. During the winter a VRV/VRF can extract heat from the atmosphere even on the coldest day and use it to efficiently provide your heating requirements. Whilst even in the summer months when you need to get rid of excess heat this is not wasted it can also be captured by the VRV/VRF system and used to supplement or even meet your hot water requirements.

Smart controllers linked to centralised control panels or accessed via a computer and the internet allow you to optimise the way that your system operates. Individual temperatures can be controlled, limited or fixed, simply and efficiently, why heat an unused office or room? A schedule can easily be set so that all work areas, offices and rooms are controlled only when required and held at the optimum temperature.

So no matter whether you have an open office space, individual offices and meeting rooms or a hotel with mutiple rooms over many floors a VRV/VRF can be desined to work for you. However complicated your building or requirements are Navajo can provide a solution and Install it with a minimum of fuss and maximum efficiency.

We can also provide for all of your maintenance requirements, cleaning filters, maintaining the operation of your units and leak testing your system in line with current F-gas regulations we can implement a shedule to suit your requirements. At a cost you can afford.

Comms/Computer Rooms

Technology, the Web, the Cloud, Communications everywhere we go and everything we do is controlled by some form of electronics. But to work efficiently all electrical systems must be looked after - as with humans the harder a piece of electronic equipment works the warmer it gets. Navajo can Design and Install a system which will keep the heart of your business beating. We only install Air Conditioning which has been designed and proven to work in the exacting environment of Electronics, Computing and Telecommunications.

If even the chance of down time is simply a no go for your business we can install a Cooling system complete with 100% back up, auto changeover with continual swap over of units. This will allow all systems to run evenly and be ready to take over should one suffer a fault. We can also implement a well designed Maintenance system to limit the chance of a potential problem becoming a reality. But if all that still does'nt satisfy you we can also install an alarm system ready to alert you should the worst happen.

We will install a bespoke system to suit your specific requirements. No matter how complex your needs may be we will discuss all of your requirements and ensure you are happy with our proposals before providing a competitive quote. We can work with you to install new systems or revamp/replace your existing with the minimum of fuss, disruption but with unparralled proffessionalism.


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