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Just about every shop has some type of Refrigeration used to maintain the quality of their products. At Navajo we have experience within various aspects of Retail Refrigeration - from standard glass fronted Drinks cabinets, Remote Multi-deck cabinets used in many convenience stores to the more bespoke Serve-over cabinets of Artisan Bakeries and Patisseries we can service, maintain and install them all.

Navajo specialise in designing cost effective Environmentally friendly bespoke Refrigeration systems suitable for your application. By looking at your specific requirements and making a complete survey of your premises we can design a system which utilises the best of modern technology, not only conforming to your Environmental Policy but further helping to minimising your initial outlay as well as controlling your on going running and maintenance costs.

We can also provide a comprehensive Service and Maintenance plan to keep your Refrigeration working for you, generating happy customers rather than draining your resources.


For many businesses Refrigeration provides the back bone of what they do. At Navajo we have unparalled experience of Comercial Refrigeration. We can provide a Coldstore to suit any requirement from a small walk in Chiller Room through Coldstore Suites covering a range of temperatures and uses to Large forklift friendly Coldstores. Utilising equipment supplied by the best manufacturers from across the world we can design and install a system which will provide many years of trouble free, cost effective operation.

The new F-gas regulation can be a bit of a headache for many Commercial companies, ensuring that their systems are compliant can become confusing. We can survey your site and provide advice on what needs to be done. A system which utilises and older refrigerant may not need to be replaced if it is working fine, however a contigency may need to be put in place should the worst happen and the system fails; as some gases become obsolete due to the implementation of phase out "bans". But do not worry we will never condem a system unneccessarily and will provide you with all options for you to consider. We can provide F-gas log books for all of your equipment, explain what the leak test requirements are and provide a plan to implement if you wish to proceed.

No matter whether you are looking to install, replace or refurbish your coldstore give us a call and we can come survey your site, discuss your requirements and provide you with a proposal to suit your requirements.

Light Industrial

We work with many Light Industrial systems mainly larger Coldstores, Water Chillers and Processed Water applications. Larger installations can be troublesome in identifying the most suitable type of plant, whether that be individual systems running in parallel or utilising a Central Plant system to supply all of the neccessary duty in a single system - there can be reasons for using either type of plant. At Navajo we can look at what you need and offer the solution which best fits your needs. This can be in terms of variable duty due to seasonality, environmental considerations, maintainability, back up protection, future proofing in regard to legislation and of course the all important costs, both installation and operational.

We have years of experience in working with both DX - direct expansion, Secondary - pumped chilled fluids or Primary - pumped fluids free cooled directly to ambient via a dry cooler. This involves installing both copper and ABS insulated pipework, condensing units, water chillers and pump sets. Bespoke systems may also be designed for your process to utilise any waste heat elsewhere within your facility - to either heat spaces or provide hot water.

We can provide Service, Maintenace and Installations for all such plant. This includes fixed leak detection systems which are often required on larger refrigerated systems to comply with F-gas regulations or a structured leak test regime if applicable.


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